Digital Signage with is so simple

Discover for yourself: With odWeb.TV, Digital Signage couldn’t be easier. It only takes a few simple steps!

Step 1: Unpack, connect, log on
With the player you can start immediately: connect your player to the internet and television, log on to, register – and start!

Step 2: Design your own slides or select templates and contents
In our online configurator you have the choice: design your own slides with just a few clicks or select from a wide range of templates and pre-designed contents.

Step 3: Plan your presentation
Put together your presentation conveniently by drag & drop, and determine by mouse click, which presentations will be available for viewing where and when.

Step 4: Start your presentation
And now the stage is yours: Just start your presentation and experience how convinces your customers, too! Highlights

Designing your own slides is so easy
Just use our online configurator

Do you want to design your own slides - complete with texts, pictures and videos? Or do you want to use one of our many templates with fixed contents? Our online configurator gives you complete freedom.

The latest news – nonstop and including dpa, Sky sports news and Tagesschau

Our content partner dpa, sky sports news and the news programme Tagesschau* provide you continuously with the latest news for your presentation. Another eye-catcher: live weather slides for your city!

- currently only in German

Professional equipment, professional
service Digital Signage panels including delivery service

On request you will receive a suitable Digital Signage Panel – for enhanced image quality, more brilliance, and extra long running times. Delivery is managed by our partner EURONICS.

Free content for all topics
Wide range of contents and templates

Access our slide pool with its wide range of slides, images and templates, which you can adjust to your own ideas and use for your presentation. You will find something for every topic!

One central control station for multiple monitors
Suitable for branch business as well

With, an individual advertisement and information programme adapted to the needs of an individual branch or sales area can be assigned to each monitor.

Advertising at prime times!
Simply use the time control

With the time control tool you can decide with minute-by-minute precision which content will be displayed when – for example seasonal offers.

Prices on request.
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